About us. Geusthouse Tamura

About 1300years ago, Nara was a capital of Japan for about 70years. They built numbers of temples in Nara wishing peace in the Nation. The left is Todaiji temple Daibutsu-den (House of Great Budda) that is the largest wooden building existing. Historical spots are scattered in and near Nara Park where lots of dears play.
In Nara, time is flowing slowly as it was at the ancient time.

Guesthouse Tamura is at the heart of Nara Machi which is old Nara city area. Todaiji Temple, Kohfukuji Temple, Nara Park, many other historical spots and the railway stations (both Japan Rail and Kintetsu ) are within walking distance from us. It's the best location for walking Nara tour. Guesthouse Tamura is a renovated ordinary Japanese house with a bit of retro taste. We provide dormitory type accommodation with bunk beds and Japanese style private rooms. Occasionally deers entering to the front garden of Tamura may surprise you, if we forget to close the door.

Please have a pleasant stay in Nara.

1 Fushingazushi-cho Nara-shi Nara 630-8301 JAPAN
Tel. +81-80-5447-4345@@@ Mail: guesttamura@gmail.com

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